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The Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition works the same way that a live exhibition does, except that you can visit at any time, from anywhere. The hall and all the stands will be rendered out to real physical dimensions. So when the show opens in 2019, you will be able to WALK AROUND THE EXHIBITION using your mouse to look left and right, whilst using the scroll wheel, or the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around. If you are on a mobile device, you will be able to navigate simply by touching the screen. (See the DEMO lower down the page)

As a visitor, when the show opens, you will be able to shortcut to the products and brands that interest you using an intuitive SEARCH INTERFACE. There will also be an INTERACTIVE FLOORPLAN available. Visit as many stands as you like! However, you will need to REGISTER to unlock additional functionality, such as user preferences, browsing history, brochure downloads and of course collect promotional items. Additionally, any promotional items you collect during your visit can be transferred to your VIRTUAL GOODIE BAG, and will be mailed to you by the show organiser, or the stand owner.

Preview the world’s first #virtual #tradeshow.

IndustryExpo is the first full-scale virtual exhibition to be launched online and has now opened its doors to potential exhibitors.

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Burkert the latest in a long line of impressive stands that will be exhibiting at Industryexpo

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A global audience in excess of 500,000 visitors will discover the full range of solutions and services on offer from companies exhibiting at #IndustryExpo2019

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We have teamed-up with one of our favourite design engineering magazine, @ind_tech_mag to help promote the show and the magazine. You can visit the magazine stand here https://t.co/hWmaWw1nA9
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Fly-around movie of a virtual exhibition booth hosted at Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition showing how 3D products will look on display and how interactive content works.
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What To Expect From The Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition

Open to visitors 365 days a year

Share the experience with some of the world’s biggest industrial brands

See the latest products and identify industry trends

Join a wide range of visitors to the show from around the world

Exhibitors can launch their newest product or service to a huge audience

Stand content can be kept up-to-date using the free Stand Manager tool

Industry UK Virtual Exhibition Always Open Stand

An Immersive Browsing Experience

The Industry Expo Online Exhibition is a true ‘virtual exhibition’, in the sense that it has been designed at real world scale, so the physical aspects of it look real. The idea is that it provides a genuine ‘visit and browse around’ experience, just like a live trade show. It allows visitors to explore a complete virtual exhibition hall and discover companies and products using a unique, visual browsing interface. Additional navigation methods, including a search function, products list and company profiles, will further ensure that visitors can easily find their way to relevant stands and hot spots.

Visitors From Around The World

While the Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition is being organised in the UK, the audience is truly global. The exhibition will be in English when it first opens, however, since there are browsing methods that are completely visual, anyone can find their way around and take in what exhibitors have to offer. Once you have located a stand to visit, you will be able to simply click on what interests you to open a hotspot that contains text, pictures, videos and PDFs about the relevant product or service. Every hotspot has the facility to email you or someone else the details, share it on social media, print it, and request contact with the supplier. If the Chat / Messenger service is enabled, then you may also be able to start a live conversation with a product / service expert.

Industry UK Virtual Exhibition Statistics

Coming Soon

Virtual Seminar Hall

Watch all the latest technical seminars from our exhibitors on demand. If you have registered, you may also have the opportunity to ‘Chat’ to the presenters, either live, if they are logged in, or via the Messenger service.

Recruitment Hall

Looking for the best jobs in industry? This is the place to visit! Everything from senior positions at some of the world’s largest companies, to trainee and apprentice jobs at small engineering firms will be there.

Magazine Library

Ever wanted to be able to browse all the trade magazines relevant to industry in one place? Well now you can! Easily browse through hundreds of titles, read electronic versions, and subscribe to the latest electronic and paper issues.

VR Room

Virtual reality experiences inside of a virtual exhibition aren’t as odd as they sound! Visit this room to download VR apps and experiences from our exhibitors. You can also explore some of the other virtual environments available on the V-Ex Platform, including oil rigs, quarries, water treatment works and power stations.

Take A Look!

What should I put on my stand if I’m exhibiting?

The Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition allows you to promote your physical products and services using an online visual browsing experience, which provides visitors with an easy and intuitive way to quickly see what is out there, and find the information they are looking for.

The following are just some of the products and services we expect to see at this exhibition:

  • 3D CAD / CAM
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Transport
  • Bearings
  • Belts & Chains
  • Brakes, Clutches & Couplings
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Compressed Air Treatment / Filtration
  • CNC and other machine tools
  • Drives, Motors & Controls
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Forklift Trucks / Ancillary Equipment
  • Gear Drives & Variators
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Motors
  • Industrial Boilers / Compressors / Cooling
  • Lighting Controls & Systems
  • Motion Control and Power Transmission
  • Pneumatic Actuators

Designer Stands

Industry Expo Virtual Exhibition also offers premium stands that are further customised to better sell your product!

Preview the world’s first virtual trade show

IndustryExpo is the first full-scale virtual exhibition to be launched online and has now opened its doors to potential exhibitors. “Because this is the first time anyone has built a complete...

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